Lower School Music
Music Education in the Lower School encompasses several dimensions. Students are taught to identify notes and rhythmic patterns, to develop proper vocal technique, and to perform in concerts, as well as musical programs each year. Young students are taught through the techniques of Zoltan Kodaly and Carl Orff. In addition, various composers and works are studied at all grade levels. Songs and dances learned are frequently coordinated with the social studies curriculum.
Lower School Music Courses

1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade

Grade 2-3 Chorus

Grade 4-5 Chorus

Junior Instrumental Ensemble
Middle School Music
The Middle School Music program is dedicated to the ideal of involving all students in musical activities and raising enthusiasm and awareness about music. Students are given many opportunities to improve their creative, aesthetic, and intellectual minds in music classes and rehearsals. The schedule consists of one 45-minute music class per week in grades 6, 7 and 8, and offers to these grades the option of participating in the middle school chorus and/or the instrumental ensembles, each of which meets for a minimum of 45 minutes per week. Each student is assessed through the music instructor’s observations of class participation. In addition, students are assessed through age-appropriate class activities, projects, homework assignments, quizzes and tests. The curriculum is built on a strong foundation of learning basic musical skills in rhythm, pitch, classroom instrument playing, singing, listening, music reading, music writing, and composition. The musical selections (songs, instrumental pieces, recordings) used in the classroom are from Western Europe, America, and other cultures such as Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, and are selected on the basis of educational value and quality.
Middle School Music Courses
Grade 6

Grade 7 (1 credit)

Grade 8 (1 credit)

Middle School Chorus – Grades 6-8

Instrumental Ensemble – Grades 6-12

Jazz Band – Grades 6-12

Private Instrumental and Vocal Instruction
Upper School Music
The Music Department in the Middle and Upper School at CCA provides students with opportunities for creative expression and technical development, to learn music history and theory, and to participate in formal and informal musical rehearsals and performances. Groups are often differentiated, with instructors striving to reach each student at his or her own learning style and musical ability. In the Middle School, general music class is required once a rotation, and Instrumental Ensembles, Jazz Band, Chorus, and Musical Theater are offered as electives and extra-curricular activities.

In the Upper School, elective courses in music elements, composition, history and theory are offered. CCA Chorale and Instrumental Ensemble are also offered as graded courses. There are two formal concerts per year for all musical ensembles, one in December and one in March or April. Music students also have the option of auditioning for the All-Cape and Southeast Music Festivals. Additionally, Musical Theater and Jazz Band are offered as after-school extra-curricular activities.
Upper School Music Courses
Musical Theatre- Grade 7-12

CCA Chorale- Grade 9-12 (0.4 credit per trimester)

Elements of Music (Grade 10)

Jazz Band – Grades 6-12

Music Composition (Grade 11)

Music History and Theory (Grade 12)

Private Instrumental and Vocal Instruction

Senior Instrumental Ensemble- Grade 6-12 (0.4 credit per trimester)
Department of Music
Sarah Fachada
Music Chair, Musical Theater
508-428-5400 x 281
Sarah Fachada joined the CCA faculty officially in the winter of 1996. She has taught music in all three divisions, K-12. She is currently conductor for the Middle School Singing Club and the Cape Cod Academy Chorale, and she is the stage manager for the spring musical theater productions. She teachers Lower and Middle School general music classes and gives private lessons in voice, piano, and music theory.

Pamela Wannie
LS Music Teacher
508-428-5400 x 243
Pam joined the CCA faculty in 2006 as the Lower School music teacher for kindergarten through grade two, Director of the Lower School Chorus and Music Director of the Upper School musicals.