Upper School Overview

Welcome to the Upper School

As the culmination of a student’s years at CCA, the Upper School is where it all comes together. Students experience these important years working with classmates who they come to know like family. One of the most powerful components of a CCA education is positive peer pressure. Every student knows that the person to their right or left is there for the same reason: to work hard in getting the best education possible. The Upper School is a genuine community of learners.

CCA teachers strive to provide each student with an authentic and meaningful education. In a small school, teachers can know each student well. This allows teachers to help expand the strengths and address the weaknesses of each individual. Students are encouraged to take risks, to push the envelope, and see what they can accomplish - all within a safe, supportive framework. Our students understand that setbacks are a necessary component of genuine progress and our teachers help them turn problems into opportunities.

The curriculum is designed to allow students to pursue their interests while laying a solid foundation in the core disciplines. Our courses put an emphasis on the application of knowledge. It is not enough to memorize a formula in a science text. One must understand how to use it to solve real problems. The study of historical events is only useful if serves as a wellspring of knowledge that leads to a broad, deep perspective with which to evaluate events in the world. Literature speaks to the perennial questions of what it is to be human. Our education has a purpose far beyond the mere acquisition of subject matter. It empowers young learners to become the best version of themselves.

There are many ways for students to become involved in the life of the school. Clubs and activities span a wide range of interests. The Mastery Learning Program allows individuals to study a topic in depth outside of the standard curriculum. Playing a team sport provides a great opportunity to make new friends while learning the value of teamwork and self-discipline. Music, arts, drama, literary publications, and an ever-growing array of special seminars provide avenues for self-expression and growth that help create a well-rounded individual.

Please explore our Upper School course of study. You will see that it represents a breadth and depth of learning opportunities that one would usually associate with a much larger school. We offer all this, along with the personal attention and support that only a smaller school can provide. The combination of academic rigor and shared purpose makes CCA a great place to work, study, learn, and grow.


Upper School Curriculum

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