MAP Growth Testing (Grades 3-8)

MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) Growth testing for students in grades 3-8. We will administer this first round of testing from October 13-20. CCA implemented the MAP Growth test last year to chart student growth and chose this particular test because it is instrumental in learning more about each student’s unique needs and allowing us to measure their progress.
The MAP Growth assessment challenges every student; as a student answers a question, the test adjusts. If an answer is correct, the next question is harder. If an answer is incorrect, the next question is easier. In this way, teachers learn exactly where each student currently performs, which is an important difference from traditional tests that determine if a student is at, above, or below grade level. MAP informs teachers as to exactly how far above or below a student might be, thus allowing teachers to adjust the curriculum accordingly to better meet students' needs, and ultimately, increasing achievement. All students grow at different rates, and teachers can measure the rate of growth by monitoring the RIT scale (the degree of item difficulty) and how it changes. This allows them to determine which supports and/or challenges need to be provided for their students. For additional details and further explanation on this assessment, click here.
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