Coach Rose Brings Synergy to CCA’s Student Athletes

Maybe a good introduction to Adam Rose could best be made by walking the sidelines at a tournament basketball game. CCA is playing David to a Goliath school with over ten times our numbers. Adam has only a few subs – and no seniors. Goliath Regional has the depth if someone gets hurt or fouled out. Beating CCA should be a piece of cake, but it isn’t. That we are even here is thanks to the synergy between some dedicated student athletes and Coach Adam Rose.
The game is nearly tied and you wander down behind the Goliath bench. Their coach is going nuts. He is pointing at his players, calling them out, and humiliating them before their peers. He has obviously lost his temper before we even got there. So you tiptoe back behind the CCA bench. Adam is as wired as a power plant, but he is behind his boys, encouraging them, and coaching… teaching every minute….a class act.
Adam came out of Dean College and Bridgewater State, having studied physical education with a concentration in coaching. A 2003 Harwich graduate, he coached at Dennis-Yarmouth for four years and another five years at Monomoy Regional. And then CCA got lucky. Adam has spent three years coaching and two years teaching at CCA. To see his impact, trace the arc of our win-loss record in basketball, and for our golf team in the fall.
Seeing his father’s example of over 10 years of coaching, Adam learned to see relationships as the means to “change people for the good, develop life-long relationships, and be a positive role model.” Talk with Adam longer than five minutes, and you will hear the word “positive” coming up again and again. Adam has a passion.
How are CCA kids any different? He admires their attention to detail, their focus on growing and getting better. “These kids are giving everything they’ve got to be the best they can be academically, athletically – to be the best versions of themselves.” He loves that. He likes CCA’s K-12 program, that we are so close-knit, and he loves to see us all on the same page.
Ask Adam what his greatest strength is, and you will get a pause. Finally, he will say his ability to communicate and be honest. “Kids need that most,” he says. It’s not a power trip. The kids know he has got their best interest at heart – and the kids’ success is proof. Our varsity basketball team’s record was 6-14 his first year here… 9-11 two years ago and 19-4 this year. Adam is becoming a Pied Piper, attracting players from other schools who know they’ve got one chance to do high school and want Adam to have been their coach.
He loves the pride of seeing CCA kids win with our school name emblazoned across their chests. “It opens doors for us,” he says. When he looks into the future, Adam says winning a couple state championships seems perfectly reasonable.

“You can have success,” he says. “Every CCA coach can see what hoops is doing and believe. We can be a power, small as we are.” Our kids know Adam is proud of them. “Make a mistake? Fix it. Go out and make yourself proud. Make us proud.” And he is proud. Adam says he will remember this year’s team for the rest of his life – as they’ll remember him.

Back to the sidelines against Goliath: We are down a couple points with almost no time left. Adam calls a time out and gathers his team around him. You can imagine the other coach going nuts, but Adam faces his team with a gleam in his eyes. This is what all the training, all the work has been for, he reminds them. This isn’t a crisis; it’s a chance, a joy. “This is why we play basketball,” he says. “This is why we play basketball.” And then he sends them out.
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