Distance Learning Update from Dean of the Middle School

Dear Families,

This has been a strange and unprecedented week for all of us! As we have entered the brave new world of distance learning, we have all been pushed to learn and grow in ways that none of us could have anticipated. As of the end of yesterday, each Middle School class has met one time. Teachers have met with classes online, guided students through the various supplements and resources they will be providing for classes to be taught virtually, and today, students will be turning in their first homework assignments electronically.  

I want to share with you all how incredibly proud I am of our faculty right now. In a perfect world, a teacher would take a summer class in distance learning and then work for several months to set up their class to be taught virtually. Our teachers have all been asked to work at warp speed to get this program running in a matter of only a few days. That is impressive! Of course, with this accelerated pace, we will surely stumble at times, but I am certain that the product will only improve with more time and repetition. Thank you for the patience you have had with us through this transition. I am equally impressed with the seriousness and commitment of our students. I have “popped in” to several online meetings over the past two days, and I found students engaged in their learning process and asking good questions about this process and how to manage their coursework. It is also apparent to me how much comfort our students find in each other and their school community.  

There have already been a few glitches in our system, and we have quickly worked to try and solve them. We will continue to discover items that need to be reevaluated and new problems will surely arise, but we will continue to attack them to find timely resolution. Please be sure to share your questions or ask for help in solving problems that may arise on your end. We are all committed to the same goal - the education and well-being of your children. I am confident that this shared commitment can help us to find success in this difficult time.

Stay safe. Stay healthy.
Ian Carr P’24, P’27
Head of the Middle School
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