Lower School Distance Learning Day 1

Dear Lower School Families,
Congratulations on surviving the first day of distance learning... although some of you may be feeling as though you just barely survived!  Changing venues and having your home be the classroom is a huge transition for students, and more importantly, for parents. It's alright for you to admit that it's hard, it's uncomfortable, and even scary at times. As we navigate through the days, and students and teachers become more accustomed to what daily work looks and feels like, please be assured that as parents, you will also feel more comfortable with each completed day. Give yourselves a break and be patient, breathe, and don't be afraid of the unknown. This is new for everyone.  
Communication between teachers and students, and parents and teachers was ongoing today.  There were some issues and struggles with logging into the class pages on the CCA website. The instructions for logging into the Cape Cod Academy website were attached to the Headmaster's email sent yesterday. Please reference that email, or contact me if you are still having trouble logging into the site. To navigate to a specific teacher's page (bulletin board), the procedure is as follows: 
  1. Log into the CCA website and then select your child from the upper left hand corner (this will take you to the "Progress" tab page for your child).
  2. From here, scroll down the page to "Courses"; you can select the appropriate course (class) by clicking on it, and then you will land on the bulletin board for that class. There you will find daily announcements and assignments for grade level classes and specials. Please be sure to select the specials classes to access that work. 
As we continue on our course of distance learning, it is important to remember that the large majority of school information is communicated electronically. Therefore, ensuring that you read CCA communications thoroughly and carefully is one of the keys to the success of the program. Please reach out to me or your child's teachers with additional questions, concerns, or requests. 
Just a reminder for any students who were absent or ill at the end of last week, the work envelopes or folders can be found in the Chope Commons foyer outside of Reception.  Please pick up the work as soon as possible so that your child can engage with the teacher and the prepared classwork. 
Have a restful evening, stay safe, and persevere. 
Warm regards,
Lisa Kowaleski P24, P'25
Dean of Lower School
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