Learning Center

Learning Support

Many extraordinary things happen each day at Cape Cod Academy. Our students are always encouraged to stretch and grow. Part of stretching and growing involves facing new challenges and learning how to succeed. One wonderful thing about our community is that we all are here to help with transitions, inspire moments of discovery, encourage personal growth, and share in the joy of each individual’s journey.

CCA’s Learning Support Center is an open and welcoming environment where all students who wish to enrich or improve their academic skills can learn helpful strategies and receive supportive coaching. The Learning Support specialist helps students understand their individual learning needs and helps them equip themselves with proven and practical strategies. This work complements the support provided in the classroom by our proactively engaged teachers and advisors.

Some students come to the Learning Center in order to become and remain independent learners; others come to get help with a short term hurdle. The center helps build the learning community at CCA where every student is encouraged to work to their academic potential.

Lower School Support

The Lower School Learning Specialist works with students who need extra support or enrichment. The Lower School Learning Support Program is designed to assist students by building on their individual strengths, helping them develop compensating strategies if necessary, and enhancing their self-awareness as learners so that they can persevere and succeed in areas of challenge. The specialist works in consultation with teachers in the classroom as well as with small groups and individuals outside the classroom.

Middle and Upper School Support

Faculty are available to our Middle and Upper School students for academic and learning supports. They can provide extra help to their students during and after the school day. Parents are encouraged to contact teachers directly if they are concerned their child needs extra help.

For additional and specialized individual support, we have partnered with Solutions Learning Center in Osterville. Solutions provides experienced tutors and guarantees a good student-tutor fit. Tutors come on campus to provide private tutoring during or after school at a mutually agreed upon time. Additional tutoring through Solutions is coordinated through our school psychologist, Dr. Jennifer Hamilton, who continues to serve as our school’s learning support contact. 

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