Lower School Overview

LOWER SCHOOL (Grades K through 5)

Morning Arrival and Assembly
Students excitedly wave goodbye to parents and run into the Chope Commons, an open and welcoming space, where they greet one or two of their teachers and mingle with friends. Students eventually go to their classrooms where they are greeted warmly by their teachers. They unpack their backpacks and store their lunches all the while chatting with their teachers about yesterday’s highlights or the day’s current happenings. Parents may join in on this happy reunion. Students may stay in their classrooms or head to the gym for a little pre-school exercise. At 7:55 am, students gather with their teachers by grade in the Chope Commons. The Lower School Dean welcomes students and faculty and begins the morning community meeting. Then, fifth grade students lead the Pledge of Allegiance, a patriotic song, and ring the school bell in the cupola promptly at 8:00 am. Before heading off to class, announcements may be made when birthdays can be recognized, good deeds from the previous day are “shouted out!”,  or visitors for the day are welcomed.
Off to Start the Academic Day!

The day might begin with a warm-up activity, a general announcement or a class meeting, where students discuss important non-academic topics and attend to the social/emotional realm of the classroom.

A Glimpse into the Classroom
Our Lower School students enjoy subjects taught by their homeroom teachers such as the Reading and Writing Workshop, Singapore Math, and the rich humanities curriculum.  In addition, students learn from specialist teachers for Spanish, science, health/P.E., music, library, technology and art.  

If you were to stroll through the Lower School and peer into classrooms, you might see any of the following:
  • Fourth graders collaborating on a social studies project that includes creating 3-D maps and developing a multi-media presentation on the country they are studying.
  • Third graders sprinkled about their room working in pairs to complete the first draft of an original story based on a small moment of their own.
  • Smocked first graders in the art room draping strips of orange paper dipped into glue onto inflated balloons to create fall pumpkins.
  • Second graders, armed with clipboards and lots of questions from their research, boarding a bus to visit the New Bedford Whaling Museum as part of their study of New England's whaling industry.
  • Fifth graders carrying out experiments in the Lower School science lab as part of the NASA program designed to prepare them for a mock flight to Mars at the Christa McAuliffe Center in Framingham.
  • Kindergärtners singing as classmates take turns playing the xylophone, the drums, or the rhythm sticks.
  • Students conversing in Spanish in the brightly decorated Spanish classroom.
Daily Recess 
Wandering onto the playground before lunch, you would see students playing basketball and soccer; rolling down a grassy slope; sharing an adventure with friends; sliding, swinging, or maneuvering across the monkey bars; sitting at a picnic table visiting with classmates; or returning from an adventure walk in the woods

Afternoon Classes
After lunch, you might find the fourth and fifth grade chorus on the stage practicing for a concert; second graders developing juggling skills in P.E. class; kindergärtners in health class discussing and role-playing about showing respect; and first grade science students wearing "blubber mittens" to experience the warmth blubber provides when plunged into cold water

Lower School Assembly Once a Week
During the last period of the day on Fridays, you will find all Lower School students and faculty in the gym for an assembly. Individual classes take ownership of this time, and each student, from K to grade 5, has the opportunity to hone his or her public speaking and presentation skills in front of their peers. Grade 3 might show a PowerPoint presentation on their study of the 50 states, or grade 5 could be presenting their play on American history. If no formal presentations are scheduled, whole-LS cooperative games or sing-a-longs take place.

End of the Day
At 2:45 you'll find students and faculty gathered outside on the patio for dismissal. Many students will remain after school for the Extended Day Program, while others might be taking part in specialty programs like archery, Lego engineering, yoga, musical theater, literature arts or soccer.

While these vignettes provide a glimpse of what happens daily in the Lower School of Cape Cod Academy, we welcome you to learn more about our school through this website or in person!


Our rich literacy curriculum is based on the Readers and Writers Workshop developed at Columbia University Teachers College. (The article below explains more about this exciting program.)

The math program throughout Lower School utilizes Primary Math (the true version of "Singapore Math") with 60 minutes devoted to math every day.

Social studies lessons are created by individual classroom teachers but coordinated in scope, sequence, and content through a Kindergarten through twelfth grade curriculum plan. 

Additional subjects include ...
  • Spanish
  • hands-on science (in a laboratory classroom)
  • general music class
  • combined grades 3 - 5 chorus
  • band instrument instruction in grades 4 and 5 (elective)
  • visual art 
  • health and physical education (including trips to the pool in nice weather)
  • library and technology 
 ... all taught by specialists.

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