College Counseling

At Cape Cod Academy, we know our students.

We do not use the term college "placement," since it is the colleges themselves who make the actual admissions decisions. College "counseling" better describes the process of helping families find the college which will be the best "match" for higher education. This process should be a dialogue between the student, parents, teachers, counselor, and colleges. At CCA we are fortunate in being able to know our students well, and thus to be honest and affectionate advocates to the colleges on their behalf. 

Choosing a college is time-consuming and at times may be frustrating, but it can also be an opportunity for greater self-knowledge and increased family communication. It can be a time of tremendous growth as a young person prepares to experience greater independence away from home. Our college counseling program is here to act as a support and resource throughout the process. Cape Cod Academy looks forward to working closely with you.

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  • Emily Allen 

    Cape Cod Academy
    Director of College & University Counseling
    University of Florida - Bachelor of Arts (BA)
    California State University at Northridge - Master of Arts (MA)
    Lehigh University - Master of Education (M.Ed.)