Summer Tutoring

Get one-on-one attention from award-winning instructors, certified Orton-Gillingham professionals, and one-of-a-kind tutors.
Cape Cod Academy's tutoring programs include:
  • Orton-Gillingham (OG) Approach-Based Tutoring
  • Tutoring for Academic Support, and SAT/ACT Prep.
Cape Cod Academy is pleased to offer tutoring for students with learning differences or simply for children who need extra academic assistance. Tutoring is available in many different subjects including reading, writing, math, and science. Taught by highly qualified, trained CCA teachers, these programs are tailored for students entering kindergarten through grade 12 and are open to all students regardless if they attend CCA or another school. 

Tutoring takes place in large, open classrooms, or when possible, outdoors. Our tutors wear masks and practice social distancing as appropriate. Our classrooms are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. We are also offering remote tutoring as an option.

Program Options:

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  • One-on-One Orton-Gillingham Tutoring (K-12)

    Individual Orton-Gillingham Tutoring (K-Grade 12)
    Tutoring offered in one-hour sessions.

    This program offers individualized, intensive tutoring by trained Cape Cod Academy teachers who will tutor by using the Orton-Gillingham (O-G) approach. The individualized tutoring program will help strengthen a student’s reading, writing, and spelling skills while implementing fun approaches to learning. The O-G approach encompasses multi-sensory techniques (visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic) to help a student learn and remember.

    Our Orton-Gillingham tutors:
    Mary Gail Wareham 
    Kate Sundquist
    Brenda Mazzeo
  • One-on-One SAT/ACT Prep

    Individual Orton-Gillingham Tutoring (K-Grade 12)
    Tutoring offered in one-hour sessions.

    During tutoring sessions for SAT/ACT prep students will be taught the key math, reading, and writing concepts that they will be expected to know when they take the exam. In addition, students will be taught the structure of the SAT/ACT and be provided with test-taking strategies.

    Our SAT/ACT Prep tutor:
    Erni Johnson - Middle & Upper School Reading and Writing (Literature). Algebra I, Introductory French, Middle & Upper History, College Essay Writing, SAT Prep (Verbal)
  • One-on-One Tutoring for Academic Support (K-12)

    One-on-One Tutoring for Academic Support
    Tutoring offered in one-hour sessions. 

    Students will learn strategies to ensure they each experience school success. The instruction is adapted to meet the needs of each student. Certified and experienced CCA faculty will provide academic support for students who need guidance in reading, writing, math, science, foreign language, and can also support the completion of homework. In addition, tutoring for the SSAT, SAT, ACT, and SAT Subject Areas are available. Parents can schedule one-on-one sessions at your convenience held on the Cape Cod Academy campus.

    Our Academic Tutors:

    Kate Sundquist - Lower School Reading, Spelling and Writing, & Organizational Skills

    John Galligan - Lower School Math, Singapore Math, Humanities, Reading, and Writing.

    Melanie Weyland - All Levels of Foreign Languages (Spanish, French).

    Lauren Gonnella - Lower School Math, Singapore Math, Reading and Writing

    Melissa Berbine - Lower School Math, Singapore Math, Reading, and Writing.
  • Executive Function Coaching

    Executive functioning coaching focuses on developing self-awareness while creating strategies for areas of challenge. During sessions, systems will be created for internal and external organization, time management, planning, prioritizing, initiating tasks, self-advocacy, and problem-solving. 
To learn more, please contact us by e-mailing tutoring@capecodacademy.org.

One-on-one tutoring options (K - Grade 12):

  1. Orton-Gillingham
  2. Language Arts
  3. Math
  4. Sciences
  5. Reading/Writing
  6. Spanish
  7. Executive Functioning
  8. SAT Prep
  9. ACT Prep
  10. College Essay Writing
  11. Online Class Assistance

Meet Our Tutors!

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  • Photo of Melissa Berbine

    Melissa Berbine 

    Grade 4 Teacher
  • Photo of Haley Brown

    Haley Brown 

    Grade 4 Teacher
  • Photo of Tricia Donovan

    Tricia Donovan 

    Middle School/Upper School Math Tutor
  • Photo of John Galligan

    John Galligan 

    Lower School Faculty - 4th Grade Teacher, Lower School Math, Singapore Math, Reading and Writing
  • Photo of Lauren Gonnella

    Lauren Gonnella 

  • Photo of Erni Johnson

    Erni Johnson 

    Former CCA Humanities Faculty, MA Literature & Creative Writing, College Essay Coach.
  • Photo of Brenda Mazzeo

    Brenda Mazzeo  

    Reading Specialist, Orton-Gillingham, Lower School Reading, Spelling and Writing
  • Photo of Kathryn Sundquist

    Kathryn Sundquist 

    Orton-Gillingham Tutor
  • Photo of Mary Gail  Wareham

    Mary Gail  Wareham 

    Learning Specialist & Orton-Gillingham Certified
    508-428-5400 x 285
Cape Cod Academy is one of the only independent, co-educational, college preparatory schools serving students from kindergarten to grade 12 on Cape Cod.