Commencement 2009

The overcast skies and drizzling rain of June 6th did not dampen the excitement of Cape Cod Academy’s 39 graduating seniors. As the administration, trustees, and faculty proceeded to Seapuit Field, each of the seniors took a turn ringing the bell in Chope Commons. Peter Welch, played the bagpipes while leading the members of the Class of 2009 to their seats.

The Invocation was delivered by humanities faculty member, Reverend Lawrence W. Brown. Elizabeth M. Dunning, Chair of the Board of Trustees welcomed everyone to Cape Cod Academy’s 33rd Commencement Ceremony.

The following Departmental Prizes were awarded:

Honorable Mention: Kaitlin Zelman
English Prize: Amanda Austin

Social Studies
Honorable Mention: Anthony Salamone
Social Studies Prize: James Fargher

Honorable Mention: Jonathan Fosdick
Mathematics Prize: Kaitlin Zelman

Honorable Mention: Jonathan Fosdick
Science Prize: Kaitlin Zelman

Foreign Language
Foreign Language Prize: Anthony Salamone

Honorable Mention: Sarah Van Sciver
Art Prize: Elizabeth Gralton

Honorable Mention: Cody White
Photography Prize: David Howland

Honorable Mention: Amelia Mumford
Drama Prize: Drew Frayre and Sarah Van Sciver

The National School Choral Awards: Fred Barber and James Fargher

The Musical Theatre Award: Tom Duda

Student Council Awards:
Vice President - Christina Smith
President - Matt La Pine

The following awards acknowledge the overall qualities of excellence and achievement so important to the character and values of the institution as a whole.

Academic Excellence Award
The prize for academic excellence acknowledges the students in grade 7 through 11 who demonstrate superior academic achievement and who, just as importantly, are people of warmth, understanding, and determination. This is our way of drawing a real distinction between being smart and using our intelligence wisely.
Awarded to: Hannah Van Sciver ’10 and Kelsey Wheeler ‘10

The Heart Award
Established by Nick Accrocco, Class of 2000, the Heart Award recognizes the outstanding individual who has exhibited excellence in the three components of school, community, and friends and family. The outstanding quality in school is effort. In the community it is expressed as a passion for a better world. Among friends and family it is kindness and perseverance. As part of the award, a donation is made to Cape Cod Academy and to a charity of the recipient’s choice in the recipient’s honor.
Awarded to: Kalie Marion

The Daryl Forth / Douglas Wilcock Award
The Forth – Wilcock Award for potential in International Relations and related fields was established in 2004 by Heather Nickerson, Class of ’98. This monetary award acknowledges the exceptional teaching she experienced in Mr. Wilcock’s Calculus Class and Madame Forth’s French Class, and seeks to recognize and encourage a senior who has outstanding potential to make significant contributions to international relations.
Awarded to: Anthony Salamone

The Roy J. Harper Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship was established by Douglas and Cathy Harper, The parents of Doug, Jr., of the Class of ’92. Established in the memory of Roy J. Harper, grandfather of Doug Jr. It recognizes the member of the graduating class who in the judgment of the faculty, has shown the greatest growth in scholarship, coupled with qualities of honesty, compassion, and respect.
Awarded to: Amanda Austin

Parents Association Prize
The parents association prizes- two this year- are awarded to seniors who have contributed un-selfishly to the growth and well being of the school during the course of their years here. These awards include a cash prize.
Awarded to: Kaitlin Zelman and Jonathan Fosdick

The Spirit of Cape Cod Academy in Athletics Award
The Spirit of CCA in Athletics Award goes to those athletes whose individual efforts, coordinate through teamwork and tempered by sportsmanship, result in a whole whose sum is far greater than its individual parts. The winners are not necessarily our most gifted athletes, but those who have contributed most meaningfully to the substance and spirit of our athletic endeavors.
Awarded to: Kenyon Massey and Kendra Hickman ‘10

The Robert J. Smith, Jr. Award
In annual honor of Mr. Smith and his inspiring 17 years of Board Chairmanship, we acknowledge that student in grades 9 to 12 who in the opinion of the faculty, has demonstrated the greatest academic improvement during his or her years at CCA.
Awarded to: Jessica Harding

The Citizenship Prize
The Citizenship Prize recognizes a student who demonstrates a willingness to share and to cooperate, and a sensitivity to the life and health of the school community. The recipient exemplifies what we mean when we speak of being a good, responsible, and caring person.
Awarded to: Matt LaPine

Head of School Award
The school’s final commencement award is determined by vote of the upper school faculty. It is awarded to the individual whose many contributions have enriched and invigorated our school over time. This year’s recipient has been a true leader by example in every class she has taken, every sport she has played, and every extracurricular activity she has engage in – her deep commitment to all she does in and out of school, her positive approach to her every endeavor, her gracious and generous use of her many innate talents, her support of and encouragement to those around her delight in being of service to her school and to other worthwhile causes and projects are all quite remarkable. We have enjoyed working with this outstanding young woman every day for the past twelve years.
Awarded to: Sarah Van Sciver

Here from the Beginning Tribute 
This unique tribute in our young school saw its debut in 1993 and was given sporadically at first, and now is becoming more regular. So far, 27 students have received it, and half of those graduated in the last six years. These are schoolmates know personally to most of our graduates today.
2003 - Katie Huskins and Kim Rust
2004 - Siobhan Chapman, Shelia Dunning, Matt Mattision, Jessica Stone
2005 - Sarah Holland and Samantha White
2006 - Julia Dunning, Annaleise Heussler, Elizabeth McGraw, and Michael Starr
2007 - Jessica Bevis, Mitchell Freddura, and Rachel Shaw.
2008 – Eliza Heussler, Sarah McCaskey, Alexandra McGraw, and Chelsea Summersall
We give this to graduates who have been at the Academy since Kindergarten. We have that delightful pleasure of seeing our students learn, grow, and develop over the fullness of the time they are with us, and it is a special delight when it is all thirteen years.
Although not technically qualifying for this award, Amelia Mumford and Sarah Van Sciver joined CCA in the first grade, here from the beginning in our hearts.
Our gift for our three today who started here in kindergarten is a framed picture, with photographs as a CCA Kindergartener in 1996, those many years ago, and as a Senior this year.
With deep affection we thank and congratulate:
Jillian Augusta
Fred Barber
Eric Eldredge.

It has been the tradition of the Senior Class to choose its representative to speak at graduation. Among the most talented creative writers our humanities department has worked with, also an accomplished pianist whose performances many of us have enjoyed at coffee houses, a talented actress who has appeared in both drama and film club productions here, a dedicated volunteer helping raise funds for cystic fibrosis and breast cancer research, and for supplies for a school in the Dominican Republic, all while achieving on the highest level academically, and with all of that, the fact that her classmates chose her to speak this morning is clear evidence that she is well-liked and highly respected by her peers. This year’s Senior Address was delivered by Amelia Mumford. Amelia's address can be viewed at the top of this page.

The Class of 2009 invited Doug Wilcock to deliver the Faculty Commencement Address. Mr. Wilcock earned his B.A. with Distinction in Mathematics and Economics from the University of Rochester, his M.A. in Economics from the University of Massachusetts, and his M.S. in teaching Mathematics from the University of New Hampshire. Prior to joining our faculty fourteen years ago, Mr. Wilcock was a visiting lecturer at Smith College and University of Massachusetts, and taught at the King’s School in England, St. Paul’s School in New Hampshire, at Koc Ozel Lisesi in Istanbul, Turkey, at the Brearly School in New York City, and at Bourne High School. Fortunately for CCA his longest tenure has been here where he has chaired our math department for many years. The growth and development of our math curriculum under Mr. Wilcock’s leadership has been inspirational because the focus has been on how best to serve our students at all levels. Mr. Wilcock is retiring at the end of the school year, but he had one final important teaching moment embedded in his words for the Class of 2009. Mr. Wilcock's address can be viewed at the top of this page.

The following students were presented with diplomas by Clark Daggett and Elizabeth Dunning:
Jillian Marseilles Augusta
Amanda Mari Austin
Frederick Samuel Barber
James Hayward Bone
Samuel Joseph Campanelli
Waldo Mar Champlin-Scannell
Katherine J. Dapsis
Thomas J. Duda
Eric Richard Eldredge
James Andrew Fargher
Jeffrey R. Ferro
Jonathan David Fosdick
Drew Haven Frayre
Courtney Leigh Gorman
Elisabeth Rose Gralton
Jessica Ann Harding
David Samuel Howland
Matthew Clarke LaPine
Laura Rose Lombardi
Kathleen Conaty Marion
Kenyon A. Massey
Leah Christine McGinn
Thomas Grady McKenzie
Patrick James Lantry Mingle
Christine Amelia Mumford
Chelsea Marie Nickerson
Cody James O’Donnell
Michael C. O’Neil
Nathaniel Thomas Olsen
Jonathan Andrew Osborne
Anthony Marlowe Salamone
Michael David Scena
Dana Drew Pettibone Sigsbee
Sarah Gersh Van Sciver
Lorisa Megan Vellone
Meredith Jean Wallace
Cody Lewis White
Samuel Matthew Witham
Kaitlin Pauline Zelman

Head of School Clark Daggett closed the Commencement Cermony with words of wisdom and affection for the Class of 2009. Mr. Daggett's address can be viewed at the top of this page.

The ceremony ended as the bagpiper led the graduates to a receiving line formed by the faculty and administration so that they could share parting and congratulatory wishes. Faculty and graduates then joined parents and guest for refreshments and congratulations in Wilkens Hall and in the Alumni Courtyard.

Congratulations to the Class of 2009!
Cape Cod Academy is one of the only independent, co-educational, college preparatory schools serving students from kindergarten to grade 12 on Cape Cod.