Upper School


Classes in our Upper School Average 9 students.

As the culmination of a student’s years at CCA, the Upper School is where it all comes together. Students experience these important years working with classmates who they come to know like family. One of the most powerful components of a CCA education is positive peer pressure. Every student knows that the person to their right or left is there for the same reason: to work hard in getting the best education possible. The Upper School is a genuine community of learners.

Students are encouraged to take risks, to push the envelope, and see what they can accomplish - all within a safe, supportive framework. Our students understand that setbacks are a necessary component of genuine progress and our teachers help them turn problems into opportunities.
The curriculum is designed to allow students to pursue their interests while laying a solid foundation in the core disciplines. Our education has a purpose far beyond the mere acquisition of subject matter. It empowers young learners to become the best version of themselves.

Upper School Curriculum Guide

Every time I come to campus I am impressed by the kids: they are kind, confident and they look you in the eye. It's who you are around all those hours of the day that shapes your attitudes, outlook."

Upper School Parent

List of 3 members.

  • Photo of Nancy Boyle

    Nancy Boyle 

    Director of Curriculum and Programming
  • Photo of Tracey Goodwin

    Tracey Goodwin 

    Executive Function Coach
  • Photo of Debra Hobday

    Debra Hobday 

    Librarian & Media Specialist
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