Parents' Association

At CCA, It's the Parents' School, Too.

The Parents' Association (PA) is a vital and active component of Cape Cod Academy. All CCA parents are members, and the group's enthusiasm indicates families' involvement in the education of their children. The Parents' Association Board meets with school administrators to discuss the general welfare of the school. The PA holds monthly meetings, sponsors events for parents and students, and assumes an active role in raising funds for a variety of school needs. We appreciate everyone’s participation and support. For more information about these events or about volunteering, please contact Hellie Swartwood or Katie Newhall in the Advancement Office at advancement@capecodacademy.org.
The Parents' Association encompasses every parent of a Cape Cod Academy student, including guardians, host families and faculty members with children enrolled. The mission of the PA is multifold:
  • Support a robust school community
  • Act as a communications and information liaison between parents, the faculty and the administration
  • Foster school spirit through activities and events
All CCA parents are encouraged to participate by attending meetings, volunteering for events and activities, and/or participating in school happenings. The PA activities and events are coordinated by the parent-run PA Board and parent Class Representatives.
The PA Board is made up of parents who have been nominated by past board members with input from the school administration, and are responsible for coordinating the PA activities and events. 
Join Us!
All interested parents are invited to become a PA Class Rep for their student’s grade. We do not limit the number of reps per grade. The PA Class Reps work with the PA Board as a liaison to the parents in their grade. The class representative role is an integral part of the PA and Class Reps are looked to be the parent leaders for their grade. As part of that role, class reps:
  • Are ambassadors for CCA
  • Provide a warm welcome to new families.
  • Call and encourage new families to participate and volunteer in school activities.
  • Are the liaison with your class teacher or dean.
  • Encourage social interaction among class parents and students.
  • Are an informational resource for other parents.
Each grade at CCA has Parent Class Reps who help communicate with fellow parents about class events, as well as help teachers with various activities. 
Parent volunteering is not only an integral aspect of CCA culture but also a rewarding way for you to become involved in your child’s life at school. It’s a great way to meet fellow parents, too. The PA is now using an online volunteer sign-up service called SignUpGenius.com. 

For questions or more information, contact the PA at PA@capecodacademy.org.

FBI Analyst's Recommended Resources

Cape Cod Academy's PA hosted an FBI Analyst on January 11, 2024 who presented on social media apps and trends, online personal security, real-world issues, and the consequences of social media, cyberbullying, digital citizenship, and cybersecurity in education. As a follow-up to her presentation, she shared the following resources:

Books and News Articles:

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  • Note to Self (Recommended episodes: “Your Mailman is a Drug Dealer. He Just Doesn’t Know It” | “Revealing Selfies. Not Like That.”)
  • Reply All (Recommended episodes: “Long Distance Pts 1 & 2” | “Friends and Blasphemers” | “What Kind of Idiot Gets Phished?| “Vampire Rules” | “The Snapchat Thief”)
  • Why’d You Push That Button? (Recommended episodes: “Why Do You Share Your Location?” | “Fake Instagrams Are One of the Last Refuges of the Online Self”)
  • Human Factor (Recommended episodes: “Social Engineering: Failed”” | “#15 Jeremy Kesby” | “#40 Jessy Irwin” | “#44 Julie Clegg” | “#47 Rachel Tobac”)
  • Hackable (Recommended episodes: “#1 The Evil Twin” | “#2 PWNED” | “#7 Searching for Avril” | “#8 Cloak and Dagger” | “#9 High Frequency”)
  • IRL (Recommended episodes: “#1 All Your Data Are Belong to Us” | “#5 I Spy With My Digital Eye” | “#8 Bot or Not” | “#14 Ctrl+Alt+Facts”)
  • Darknet Diaries
  • Layer 8 Podcast
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