Upper School
Academic Program


We believe that some of the most powerful learning - and sometimes the most ambitious - is driven by individual student curiosity and interest. In addition to the breadth and challenge of CCA’s Upper School curriculum and seminars, we offer three other avenues for self-directed individualized learning:

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  • Honors Symposium

  • Independent Honors Studies

  • Mastery Learning Program

    The Mastery Learning Program is open to Upper School students and is designed to provide an opportunity to explore a topic or execute a project that falls outside the boundaries of typical high school courses.  Past projects include: a children’s book written in French, construction of a working replica of the Marconi wireless transmitter, construction of a Dobson telescope, a research project on why people do or don’t vote, design and production of high fashion clothing and an aerial survey of Cape Cod’s coastline compared to fifty years ago.  Each student accepted into the program works under the guidance of one or two faculty members and meets regularly with them.
  • Science Internships

    Cape Cod Academy believes that the evolving and dynamic fields of science cannot be fully explored or captured entirely within the classroom.  For this reason, all CCA science classes involve significant field observation.  Students who have special interests in science may want to explore the applications of science beyond our courses in order to accelerate their progress toward future college studies and professional careers.  In order to serve those intellectual interests and ambitions, CCA offers students a structured opportunity to expand and deepen their science experience by spending time with a science professional in that person’s particular field of expertise.

    Science Internships take many forms but at their core is at least 24 hours of direct contact with a mentor scientist during which the student is observing and assisting the scientist in his or her applied science work. 
    Science internships are coordinated by faculty with local businesses and organizations.  
  • Seminars

    Seminars are mini-courses that students choose each term in addition to the regular course load.  During their Upper School years, students will have chosen from over 100 seminar offerings.  Seminar courses either reach beyond traditional academic disciplines or dive deep into a particular topic.
  • Senior Service Learning Projects

    Cape Cod Academy seniors dedicate the last four weeks of the school year to their individual service learning projects.  The planning process for the projects begins in late winter when each senior develops goals based on their talents and interests and what they hope to contribute.  The students then research local organizations, identify those that might be a good fit, set up interviews and work out details for their service.  Each student ultimately chooses a single local non-profit and contributes at least 80 hours over the four weeks of the project.

    During the four weeks of service, seniors are asked to write reflective essays and attend weekly meetings on campus to share their experiences.  Seniors also honor their commitments to school teams, ensembles, rehearsals for the spring musical and Advanced Placement exam preparation.  The projects culminate during the first week in June with presentations to underclassmen and faculty.

    The service learning project gives seniors the opportunity to extend their learning into a workplace environment.  It requires them to take ownership and to be responsible.  It drives home the goal we have for our graduates that their education prepare them to contribute in meaningful ways. 
Cape Cod Academy is one of the only independent, co-educational, college preparatory schools serving students from kindergarten to grade 12 on Cape Cod.