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Cape Cod Academy has a Personalized Learning Approach for every single student. We are at the forefront of the next evolution in learning.

Cape Cod Academy’s Personalized Approach to Learning (PAL) Program is designed to identify each student’s unique learning style, motivate students based on their interests and academic level, and challenge them so they are prepared and empowered to reach their full potential. The foundation of the PAL Program is knowing each and every student so that instructional methods and techniques can be adapted to the student’s learning process, making it the right fit for the individual learner.

This is a totally customized approach to learning. All teachers will play a part to boost our students’ strengths and fuel their imagination and potential.

Every student at Cape Cod Academy will have a digital PAL profile, a holistic view of the individual. Data-driven, fact-based, and anecdotal, a profile will consider how each student learns, along with information on their background, interests, abilities, achievements, challenges, and previous experiences. Data will reflect learning styles, strengths, weaknesses, and personalities, and will be generated through individual rating scales administered through surveys and interviews. This will be enhanced by an array of different data sets compiled throughout the student’s years at Cape Cod Academy. Instruction will be informed by each student’s profile. 

This program is not an Individualized Education Program (IEP) that only caters to struggling students. The PAL Program will support all students no matter where they are—from straight-A students who have mastered their content to kids who struggle with academics. The social and emotional aspects will also be a significant component of each student’s PAL profile. Behavior, attention, and executive functioning will be addressed because we know these factors influence learning. Programming will include seminars, independent work, hands-on exercises, advisory meetings, and wellness activities. When students leave Cape Cod Academy, they will be independent, prepared, and confident self-advocates.
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    Nancy Boyle 

    Director of Personalized Learning
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    Amy Powers 

    Learning Center Coordinator
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    Sarah Bacon 

    Learning Center Specialist
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    Mary Gail Wareham 

    Learning Center Specialist
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