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Upper School Traditions

Our Upper School has rich traditions - some of which date back to the school's first year educating students. 

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  • College Acceptance Announcements

    We graduate 100% of our seniors, and it's tradition to celebrate their college acceptances. During Morning Meeting (which happens once each rotation), students announce their peers' college acceptances. While students might not commit until later in the spring, each acceptance a student receives is celebrated in our community. 
  • College Colloquium

    Each year after the return from Christmas Break, we host a CCA alumni College Colloquium in our Lower School gym. Our Director of College and University Counseling organizes the annual event to coincide with when alumni are back on Cape Cod visiting family. CCA juniors and seniors attend the event and have the opportunity to ask alumni anything college-related they wish - from getting to know college professors; dorm life; freshman year challenges; and how their experiences at CCA prepared them for college life - inside and outside the classroom. 
  • Paint Dance

    Paint Dance is an annual social event for our Upper School students. Held outside on our Lower School parking lot, the students get to gather, socialize, eat and celebrate with dry paint! This is a fun school tradition that gets the kids together outside the classroom and off the fields for a little down-time during the busy school year.
  • Senior Corner

    A corner of Davis Commons, our Upper School common area, is dedicated to our seniors. Comfortable couches are book-ended by bookcases and shelves that serve as lockers. Senior Corner is a place for our seniors to study, relax and socialize before and after school, as well as between classes.
  • Senior Prom

    Our Upper School student council plans a spring prom each year. With input from their peers, they develop a theme and begin to fundraise at the start of the year. The prom is chaperoned by faculty and staff and held at an off site location. The last few years, prom has been held at the Club at New Seabury.
  • Spirit Week

    Spirit Week is planned by our Upper School student council. The week-long festivities offer the chance for our students to have a little fun and be creative, as well as providing a bonding opportunity for our upperclassmen. The week might include fun activities during and after school, as well as fun dress days.
  • Team Blue/Team White

    At the start of each school year, CCA students are randomly assigned to Team White or Team Blue - across all school divisions. The goal is that each team will be comprised of students in K-12, actively working as a 'team' throughout the year, earning points through various activites. This all culminates in Field Day where Lower, Middle and Upper School students participate in their division-level activities to determine whether Team Blue or Team White will prevail!

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