Update from Headmaster

Dear Families,
As we wrap up our fifth week of distance learning, I want to acknowledge the tremendous job you are all doing in the face of many demands during challenging circumstances. Thank you to our students for adapting to a new way of learning and to our parents for your support in the ongoing education of your child. Thank you to our faculty for adjusting the design and implementation of your classes to meet the exceptional educational goals for which Cape Cod Academy is known.
The resilience and optimism of our school remains evident. I am pleased to report that all of our seniors have been accepted and are heading to fantastic colleges and universities that reflect their significant and diverse talents. Additionally, we are having productive conversations with newly accepted students and parents about their enrollment in Cape Cod Academy beginning in the fall.
Our scheduled time off next week will provide a well-deserved break for each of us to regroup and support one another in preparation for the final weeks of the school year. I am available during April vacation if you would like to contact me. I appreciate your continued feedback and communication. I hope you have a relaxing and enjoyable break. You deserve it.
--- Jeff Thompson, Headmaster
Cape Cod Academy is one of the only independent, co-educational, college preparatory schools serving students from kindergarten to grade 12 on Cape Cod.