CCA Students Participate in Winterim

Cape Cod Academy students participated in a four-day program last week called Winterim. Held between semesters, Winterim provides students a break from their regular classrooms to explore an area of interest in one of five areas: Health and Wellness, Academic Study, Outdoor Adventure, Service Learning, or Cultural Immersion. Students chose their Winterim experience, and guided by local experts and faculty, they engaged in hands-on learning, creation, and field trips. The program culminated with a community event in which students showcased their work.

The feedback from CCA students about this program has been outstanding, reinforcing that this unique program, one of many that are reinvigorating the school’s curriculum, demonstrates the value students place on hands-on, experiential learning. Winterim will become a tradition, along with other new creative and innovative programs CCA is implementing. The specific Winterim sessions this year included the following:

Archaeology of Cape Cod
Students studied shipwrecks and explored all aspects of archeology on Cape Cod through visits to local sites and museums and guest speakers. They also conducted a mock excavation on campus.

Body and Mind Balance: Fitness & Health
A healthy, balanced diet, the role that nutrition plays in health, the importance of healthy foods, and managing physical health were explored. Students participated in strength training, aerobics, stretching, endurance, agility, and speed through daily workouts.

Body and Mind Balance: Mindfulness, Wellness & Self Care
Students participated in yoga, meditation (walking, seated, guided), and mindfulness activities with local experts. They enjoyed watching videos, reading, and creating vision boards while learning about emotional intelligence and managing stress.

Build It: Woodworking
A group of middle school students refinished and repurposed an old sailboat. Using a variety of woodworking tools and techniques, the students transformed a dilapidated, wooden boat into a lovely sailing vessel and presented it to CCA’s lower school students for their enjoyment during recess.

By, On, and In the Sea: Student-Created Art Installation & Music Workshop
In recognition of cape codders who make a living by, of, and on the sea, this session was dedicated to art project creations. Art students had the opportunity to work with visiting artists in painting, photography, and portraiture workshops, while music students worked with a professional composer to write music to accompany the final multimedia gallery show in the school’s Black Box Theater.

Cape Cod Wildlife: Rehabilitation and Conservation
Representatives from Birdsey Cape Wildlife Center visited our students each day with a variety of wild animals (snakes, owls, hawks, etc.) and taught them about the care and protection of wildlife. They observed veterinarians conducting surgeries via videoconferences, and they visited a local zoo and wildlife center to learn firsthand about animal care and rehabilitation.
Chromatography, Spectrometry, and Identification of Unknowns
The session offered students interested in chemistry hands-on work in AP-level inquiry lab investigations. Students participated in a variety of experiments and summarized results with CER (claim, evidence, reasoning) statements.

Engineering and Design: Robotics and Search and Rescue
Engineers from the Army National Guard brought their mobile robotic laboratory to Cape Cod Academy to instruct students in the building, operation, and repair of vehicles using Tetrix robotics kits. Students navigated obstacle courses, competed in race tournaments, and even got to engage in virtual reality tools and activities.

MIT Labs: Engineering and Building
Scientists from MIT Virtual Labs instructed our students on the creation of incredible roller coasters using only heavy paper, tape, and scissors. They tested and fine-tuned their engineering and design processes to construct coasters that were intricate and functional and eight or more levels high.

New England College Tour
Upper school students enjoyed tours of New England Colleges. Over three days, they visited Endicott College, Boston University, Connecticut College, Northeastern, and the US Coast Guard Academy. Meeting admissions representatives from each school, they learned about interviewing techniques, majors, financial aid, test prep, and how to choose a college that’s the right fit for them.

Our Cape Cod: Environmental Stewardship

During this Winterim session, students experienced local places on Cape Cod firsthand, learned from land managers, and interviewed them about the value of environmental stewardship. They explored the differences between places maintained under national, state, and local jurisdiction and visited each type of conservation area. 

Sharks: Drone Watchers for Conservation and Safety
With an eye to the increasing shark population on Cape Cod, students in this session used drone technology and learned how it helps increase public safety for our summer swimmers. They visited the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy to learn about the biology and behavior of sharks, open water rescue safety, and how drones can be used to observe shark activity and relay information to beach patrols and other town safety departments. 

Shipwrecks and Pirates of Cape Cod
Students explored the history of pirates and piracy from the beginning of recorded history through the present. They were challenged to compare depictions of pirates in popular culture with the lifestyles and deeds of actual historic pirates and enjoyed a trip to the Whydah Pirate Museum. 
Cape Cod Academy is one of the only independent, co-educational, college preparatory schools serving students from kindergarten to grade 12 on Cape Cod.