Middle School Overview

Welcome From the Dean of Students

Welcome to our Middle School, a unique community within Cape Cod Academy where individuals are supported in striving to learn, in engaging in new experiences, and in growing both as students and young people.  We provide an appropriately challenging curriculum in which students are taught the study skills necessary to be successful in the classroom now and in the future and in which we emphasize the important skills of collaboration and communication.
If you were to visit the Middle School, you would see faculty and students working together in a culture of mutual respect. This is achieved through daily interactions during class, extra help sessions, and one-on-one conversations with advisors. Middle school students are actively involved in the life of the school. You can find them participating in the competitive athletic program and on the stage in dramatic or musical performances, directing student government meetings, and organizing community service activities.
Middle school students are at an age where the natural tendency to focus on the self is in conflict with considering the needs of others. We guide students in learning to think beyond themselves. 
I hope you enjoy reading and learning more about our program in the pages that follow.
Ian Carr
Dean of Student Life

Middle School Curriculum

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  • Ian Carr 

    Dean of Student Life
  • Doug Poskitt 

    Academic Dean, Grades 6-12